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My name is Edmar Hersbach, the woman behind Brazil Extensions. I am based in central London.

Brazil Extensions is active in the following two areas:

Weave On

Mega Hair

Glue-less Technique

Intensive Treatment

Blow Dry

For the Glue-less technique, instead of glue the extensions are tied in with elastic threads. The combination of that technique with human hair gives a refined look. Most people will not notice from natural long hair.

BE is specialising in a Brazilian-based technique, a tailor-made glue-less extension. Rather than glueing, micro braids are tied in with elastic threads. Per head many strands are applied individually, this gives a very refined finish, and it is hard to tell the difference from naturally long hair. You can go to the beach on your holiday, you can wash, brush, dye, or highlight your extension as if it were your own hair.

Our Techniques

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